Setting up a Raspberry Pi without a monitor

This tutorial presupposes that you’re using Raspbian Wheezy.

  1. Install Raspbian Wheezy on your SD card by following these instructions.
  2. Open the SD card’s root partition, the one not namedboot.
  3. Open /etc/networking/interfaces in a text editor.Find this line:iface eth0 inet dhcp

    Replace it with this:

    iface eth0 inet static

    This sets your static IP address to Change that if you want. Don’t mess with the netmask.

  4. Open /etc/resolv.conf.Find this line:nameserver

    Replace it with this:


    This sets your DNS nameserver to Google Public DNS. There are other nameservers out there, but Google is robust.

  5. Eject your card and put it in your Raspberry Pi. Connect it to the same network as the computer you want to ssh into it from and power it on.
  6. ssh pi@ or the appropriate IP address. Success!
  7. Do whatever else you want to do to your Pi.

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